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Low Code para el desarrollo de los RRHH

Tendencias avanzadas en la medición del clima laboral

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On April 6th, 2022 we held the webinar “Caspio as a key resource in the automation of people management processes in Spain” as Solution Partner of this renowned American company specialized in the development of low-code platforms. But the story does not end there! It is worth mentioning that this collaboration between Apptitudinal and Caspio made possible the development of this first webinar in Spanish of our partners, where Alberto Fernández Varela (CEO of Apptitudinal) and Francisco Mayen (Account Manager of Caspio) participated.

In this webinar we talked about the current importance of automating people management processes through the use of technology that allows great benefits to all professionals and companies. And how Caspio and Apptitudinal can add value to it.

So, Francisco Mayen, started his speech commenting from Caspio’s side, the importance of the low code and no code scheme, being Caspio to date the first low code platform that can develop custom applications. People with zero coding experience are responsible for creating these ad hoc applications because they know the workflow and logic of the company. 

The benefits of using Caspio:

  • It is possible to accelerate the development of applications up to 20 times, reducing the cost of projects.
  • You can expand the potential of anyone within the company, people can generate applications with the company’s internal talent. 
  • You can focus on the development of the application without worrying about storage, hosting, etc. since Caspio is the one who solves it.
  • You can reduce maintenance cost since the company is the one who creates and is responsible for the maintenance of the application.
  • Make management alignment  possible: IT and users towards the same goal, which is process automation, profitability and cost reduction.

Some essential features of Caspio’s low code:

  • Visual development tools
  • Integrated database for the enterprise
  • Guided development process via Apptitudinal or Caspio directly
  • Secure, scalable and cloud-based platform
  • Easy application deployment
  • Flexible administration, unlimited number of developers/users 

How did Apptitudinal go from being a client to building a whole business model based on Caspio? 

Alberto Fernández, comments on this success case, Apptitudinal, as a technological spin-off of Servitalent, a company specialized in human resources (headhunter), which prior to 2016 had no relationship with Caspio, and now it has an almost daily relationship due to the digitization process of the Background Checks service or audit of CVs for executive profiles, specifically interim managers. This led the company to go to the market to look for a partner to develop the application they needed.

At that time, Alberto mentions that, as HR professionals, they were not clear about the solution or software to be used, but they did have the need for it to be “something tailor-made”. 

The company investigated the different options and came to Caspio, where it was visualized “how far it was possible to go with low-code technology”, and it was at that moment when the development of Servitalent’s ERP was done.
Later on, the solution found was discussed with a HRD client of a multinational company and Caspio was chosen as the solution for that company too, since the team had HR professionals who could develop a very specific application for the client. The team was made up of professionals specialized in executive recruitment and developed the first external project for the company. Several and numerous projects focused on the digitalization of HR processes followed, which led to the creation of Apptitudinal. 

What do we do at Apptitudinal using Caspio?

Apptitudinal is the solution that automates management processes with customized web applications without programming costs (low code), without the use of programmers, licenses per user and with our greatest contribution, the help of HR professionals that use Caspio’s support.
We are professionals who know the different problems and casuistry of the companies in terms of people management. For example, vacation management, work climate analysis, document management, internal communication, and a very long etc!

You can watch the recording of the webinar here: 

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