Automate your management processes with a tailored web application, with no programming costs, with no user licenses and with the help of HR professionals


"Apptitudinal is the solution for HR departments that seek a digital transformation that embraces everyone in the company"
(Alberto F. Varela, CEO)

Which modules can be implemented in your company?


  • Corporate employment portal
  • ATS tailored to the company
  • Communication with candidates
  • Internal coordination of the process


  • On Boarding program automation
  • Communication during the hiring process
  • Digital signatures of contracted personnel
  • Internal communications


  • Bonus system
  • Monitoring reports
  • Integration with corporate LMS
  • Interaction with training providers


  • Integration with other platforms
  • Design and automation of own surveys.
  • Evolution and analysis of results
  • Confidentiality and data segmentation


  • Integration with the organizational structure
  • Tailored to the company
  • Middle management participation
  • All forms of follow-up reports


  • Interaction via corporate mobile app
  • Adapted to company internal processes
  • Compilation of geolocated information
  • Provision of supporting documents or other documents


  • Tailor-made according to the existing organizational structure.
  • Updated in accordance with organizational changes.
  • Suitable for quality requirements
  • Structure monitoring reports


  • Employee portal without requirement for user licenses
  • Private corporate mobile app
  • Notice board, suggestion box and complaint channel (in accordance with regulations)
  • Employee directory


  • Adaptation to gender regulations
  • Corporate gender dashboard
  • Salary evolution reports
  • Gender consultations for stakeholders


  • Management of documents linked to all processes.
  • Interaction with employees with no requirement for user licenses
  • Integration with external platforms via API
  • Unlimited storage (dependent on contracted capacity)


  • Complete adaptation to company workflows
  • Permissions according to user level
  • System access control
  • Traceability in decision making


  • Tailor-made HR Scorecard
  • Multiple resources for viewing information
  • Downloadable custom reports
  • Definition of alerts and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Implement the HR application that your company really needs in only a few weeks

What features will your application possess?

Modular format based on the needs of the company, which permits the design of fully scalable development projects.

Automation of workflows adapted to customer requirements in a simple and highly intuitive manner.

Cloud hosting (SaaS solution) on protected servers with encrypted information.

Integration through with other company support systems via web API: ERPs, Payroll, etc.

Strict compliance with EU data protection and electronic commerce regulations.

Maintenance costs for system resources used, not for the number of users on the system.

Password-protected access based user levels and their responsibilities within the company.

Compliance with the safety and quality standards required by the company's CTO.

Mobile application enabling all company users to interact with the system.

Complete corporate customization with the possibility of integration into corporate website.

Include the entire workforce in your company digital transformation without paying user license costs

Our success stories

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What do our clients say?

Communication between all of us in the XEAL team is a fundamental element in our Corporate Policy. The implementation of the application developed in collaboration with Apptitudinal has been a great success. Its use during the health crisis has been of great help to keep all our employees properly informed of the decisions and actions implemented by the company. Undoubtedly, a great start for this project that we will continue to develop with the implementation of new functionalities

Pedro Escudero
Pedro Escudero
Transformation Director Xallas Electricidad y Aleaciones S.A.U. (Xeal)

The implementation of Apptitudinal has allowed us to be much more agile, we have noticed a significant optimization in the administrative tasks in the management of personnel, and it has allowed us to provide a better HR service to the company's workers. It is the option that best suits our needs!

Alejandro Lapido
Alejandro Lapido
HR Director at Hifas da Terra

Apptitudinal's solution for the management and coordination of Career Development is a great success for us. The important thing is not to incorporate technology, but the technology that each organization needs..., and Apptitudinal gives us that

Sara Ruiz
Sara Ruiz
General Manager, Spanish Association of Purchasing, Contracting and Procurement Professionals (AERCE)

Improve internal communication and involve the entire staff in the digital transformation of the company

What are the advantages?


You will have a web application totally tailored to your company and its workflows, thereby avoiding the requirement to adapt to an existing commercial solution.


You will have the assistance and operational support of a team of HR professionals who always talk in terms of people rather than in terms of technology.


Your entire team will participate in an easily understandable manner in the design and implementation, thereby ensuring greater involvement and success in the automation of internal processes.


You will be using the most advanced and secure technology currently available on the software market.


You will not incur programming costs or long implementation times, because we will use cutting-edge low-code technology.


You will be able to make the changes and improvements which you consider to be appropriate in the system, without depending on a software developer.

We are part of your team